English Rakugo Performance & Special Talk Show by Kimie Oshima

~ Laughter and humor is a common “language” to the world! ~
ICT Workshop 21:English Rakugo Performance & Special Talk Show by Kimie Oshima
~ Laughter and humor is a common “language” to the world! ~


Sunday, November 9th, 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm (Open 6:30pm)


Kourin-in(香林院), 5-1-21, Hiroo, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

【A Rakugo Performer】

Kimie Oshima (大島 希巳江)

【Event Details: Fascinating Points】

English Rakugo Performance & Special Talk Show by Kimie Oshima

Being able to understand the traditional storytelling art of Rakugo can be a real challenge for foreigners? Don’t worry if your Japanese is not strong! This time, there will be held “Rakugo performance” in ENGLISH! So it’s a rare opportunity to be able to appreciate English Rakugo!

Rakugo also provides laughter and friendly relationship with the world. And it is a great chance to get rid of the stereotypical image for Japanese “no sense of humor”! And once you understand Rakugo stories with the subtle wordplay and the cultural nuances of this comedy, you will sure to addict to Rakugo. And your images for Japanese may be changed! In this workshop, a Rakugo performer Mrs. Kimie Oshima will introduce what Rakugo is and then perform some Rakugo stories in front of us! It must be a special experience to understand one of the Japanese culture through laughter and more to touch the deep world of Rakugo! Let’s laugh together until you cry!

◎ What is Rakugo? ◎

Rakugo is the traditional Japanese art of comic storytelling or what Oshima san calls “sit-down” comedy. The art form is more than 300 years old and provides a way to teach about Japanese culture and customs through humor. Oshima san, who attended high school and college in Colorado state U.S A, is an accomplished artist with performances in Japan and around the world. She describes how she turns Japanese Rakugo into Rakugo in English as “remaking the stories into something that sounds interesting and funny in English. “ Knowledge or experience in the art form is not required to understand the performance.”

FYI: What is English Rakugo?




6:30pm Open

7:00pm ~ 8:50pm Rakugo lecture and performance (including Q&A time)

9:00pm Close

【A Rakugo Performer】

Kimie Oshima (大島 希巳江)

Kimie Oshima, English Rakugo performer since 1998. She has performed in twenty different countries including Brunei, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Australia, States, Norway, Germany, etc. Her aim of performance is understanding Japanese culture through humor and peaceful relationships among people with different cultural background through laughter.

Rakugo in English-Zoo by Kimie Oshima


【Things to Bring】


*Please wear appropriate socks as if visiting a temple because shoes are not allowed in the performance area.




Address: 5-1-21, Hiroo, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 東京都渋谷区広尾5-1-21

Access: 3-minute walk from Hiroo (広尾) station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



50 seats (Max to 60)


2,000yen (in advance), 2,500yen (at the door)

* Please DO NOT change your attendance status after November 7th. If you have to cancel the event after November 7th, please email Jojo at info@intlcentertokyo.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Sun Nov 9, 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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香林院 (Kourin-in)
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東京都渋谷区広尾5-1-21 Japan
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